Saturday, June 30, 2018

Server Migration Status: Completed

Server migration successful: all systems are running normally.

Although we have planned to make this transition go smoothly and seamlessly, we are aware that there may always be unexpected issues. If you experience any issue, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact Customer Service at (757) 541-8294. We are standing by just in case.

TIP: On a desktop, you may still be holding cache in your browser for up to 48 hours. This should not matter because we have left the old version active. Even if you are in the middle of placing an order, the session data should transfer over without a hitch.

To use the new version of our website immediately, go to the settings in your browser and look for Privacy Settings, or something similar. Clear all cache. Close your browser, then open it back up and come back to our site.

This is not necessary if you are on a mobile device since mobile devices do not retain DNS cache for more that 60 seconds at the most.

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